March 10th Newsletter

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

On Monday, the entire Student Body of the High School traveled to Lima to watch the film “Son of God.”  I would just like to let you know how proud the staff and myself were of your student(s) and their attention, respect, and behavior during the film.  Not many schools have the opportunity or even the want, to bring all of their student to a movie theater during the school day.  I would say without question this is an event that we would participate in again, and your help and guidance as parents made this an opportunity I hope the students soon do not forget.  A special thank you to Mrs. Honigford, the Religion Department, the Bus Drivers, and the Faculty and Staff for all of their help.

Junior Parents, your student has received a mulch packet, please ask your student about the parent note which is in the packet, asking for your help with this large and beneficial project, to help create a successful Prom Evening.

As we all pray that Spring arrives very soon, the Band Students are selling Flowers.  If you are interested please contact a Band Student or the School for more information.

Beginning March 10th, Sophomores and any Junior or Senior still required to complete the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) will begin their testing.  We will be going on a Two-Hour Delay Schedule for that week to allow these students a quiet, uninterrupted atmosphere to complete the five tests.  Any Junior or Senior who has passed all five tests will not need to report until the two-hour delay schedule begins (9:50).  All Sophomores will report to take the test, while all Freshman will report to complete a sample test, as preparation for next year.  7th and 8th Grade Students will also be able to take advantage of the two-hour delay as well this school year.  If your 7th or 8th Grade Student needs to ride the bus, which will be operating at normal time, this will not be a problem as the Junior High Teachers will be able to supervise and have something available for them to do, until they begin the school day on the High School Bell Schedule.  If your 7th or 8th Grade Student comes to school anytime after 8:05 to the end of the Two-Hour Delay (9:50), please have them enter school from the East Doors of the High School and report to their Homeroom Teacher.  If you have any questions concerning this schedule, beginning on March 10th, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Monday, March 17th we WILL be in session as an entire school.  This day was slated to be a Professional Development Day, however due to the cancellations that have occurred this Winter, it has been decided that this day would be more productively used as a school day or educational day.  The City Schools are in session this day as well, so the buses will run as normal providing transportation if needed.  If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise thank you for your cooperation during this chaotic weather season.

CORRECTION The morning of March 18th, up to 40 Juniors will have a chance to take the ACT Exam.  This will be an opportunity for them to not only gain a better understanding of what makes up the test, but also an opportunity to complete the test, in an environment that is familiar to them, in the hopes of eliminating any anxiety that might otherwise occur on a Saturday Morning, and as they begin to make their future educational preparations.  The cost of the test will be $36.50, and will including the Writing Section at no extra charge.  Please notify the Guidance Office, after March 10th, if your student(s) is interested in taking the Exam.

Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team on a successful season, your hard work and dedication is an example of the tradition of excellence that is St. Johns.

Have a wonderful weekend

God Bless and Go Jays,


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