Weekly Newsletter for September 13th

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I just wanted to pass along a challenge I have poised to your student(s). Every day I try to ask at least one student, “what did you learn today,” as a question that was asked to me by my parents, and it is wonderful to hear their responses. I encouraged them to learn something new, accept the challenges as they come, and embrace the moments that they may find not interesting. I hope that you have the chance to ask them the same question or your own variation, as the look on a student’s face is priceless when they learn something new and/or explain it to others.

Weekly Calendar
The Weekly Calendar on our Website has been updated and fixed. Please refer to http://delphosstjohns.org/hs-calendar/ for the most up-to-date information about the happenings taking place in the Junior High and High School.

Curriculum Guide
A Junior High/High School Curriculum Guide has officially been completed. It will allow students to take accountability for the courses they take as they plan for their future. This is also an excellent tool for families to utilize that may be interested in St. John’s to discover the courses we can offer their student(s), to help prepare them for their next step in life. It is attached below for your perusal.

Graduation Requirements
For the Class of 2018, the Course Requirements have not changed, since the addition of requiring 4 credits of Math. The OGT will give way to the 7 End-of-Course Exams, including Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science, American History and Government, and English 9 and 10. For more information, please visit http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/What-s-Happening-with-Ohio-s-Graduation-Requiremen. If you have any questions please let me know, however as the testing portion becomes clearer, I will continue to pass the information along to you.

The current Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class will still be required to complete the OGT as their State mandated Graduation requirement, including the required credits that can be found at the website above. They will not be required to complete End-of-Course Exams, if they would not pass any portion of the OGT.

Overall, be assured that we will continue to prepare your student(s) so they are ready and equipped to excel on these tests as they become required and their schedules reflect the mandated courses needed for graduation.

Homecoming Guidelines
Below you will find the new Homecoming Dress and Conduct Guidelines for this school year. These guidelines are very similar to those of Prom, with a few exceptions, due to the more informal nature of Homecoming, compared to Prom. However, this event is still a school-sponsored event and should reflect the morals and values represented by our Catholic Faith. If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines please let me know and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Forms must be returned by September 26th.

St. John’s RCIA
Do you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic? Maybe a neighbor, friend, spouse, co-worker, or maybe someone you met at the grocery store. Whatever the case, we have the opportunity for them. RCIA classes will be starting this fall. This is a wonderful way of learning about the Catholic faith and discerning whether God is leading you to join the Church. To express interest or to pass along some names of interested individuals, call Fr. Ron at 419-695-4050 or email at frronschock@delphosstjohns.org. Don’t forget to share the faith.

SunnyD Book Spree
Turn SunnyD labels into free books! Please help earn free books for our school by sending eligible SunnyD UPCs to the school library. Eligible products included 128 oz, 2 L, 64 oz, 56 oz, 40 oz, 16 oz, 11 oz, 10 oz, 6.75 oz bottles, and cartons from pouches and aluminum cans. Thanks!

Student School Pictures
On September 16th, all Junior High and High School Students will have their pictures taken. It is not a requirement to purchase any, but order forms are available in the office and online at

Picture Day is easy with mylifetouch.com
• Parents can create their own package from the expanded online selection.
• Quickly order and pay for portraits online.
• Pay by credit card.

St. John’s High School
Picture Day: Tuesday, September 16
Picture Day ID: AW014715Y0

Jostens Rep
On September 19th, the Jostens Representative will be at school to meet with both the Seniors, about Graduation Items, and the Freshman, about Class Rings. Please be sure to have your student(s) stop by in the morning to ensure they purchase their Graduation Items and/or Class Ring, if interested.

Good luck to all the St. John Students that are competing this weekend in one way or another, bring home a win, as we are Blue Jays.

Have a wonderful weekend

Go Jays and God Bless,

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