November 7th Newsletter

Dear Parents(s)/Guardian(s):

This past week has been very short, but very productive. It started with 8th Grade Students taking the opportunity to visit Vantage Career Center and learn about a number of different trades that are available to them. The Marching Band Concert was a great success that showcased the talents of our very artistic students. Which was followed by Parent-Teacher Conferences and an opportunity for parents and students to visit with their teachers and discuss the accomplishments and difficulties students have faced up to this point in the year. And will conclude with a Playoff Football Game against Arlington. All in preparation for another great week starting out with Mass on Sunday.

Weekly Calendar
Please refer to for the most up-to-date information about the happenings taking place in the Junior High and High School.

Blood Donor Day
On November 11th, The Red Cross will be here at school for Blood Donor Day. In order to give blood a student or adult must be in good general health and feeling well, be at least 17-years-old or 16-years-old with parental consent, and weigh at least 110 lbs. If you are interested in signing up, please do so in the Office beginning on Monday.

Moms Room Volunteers
The Moms Room is in need of Volunteers. If you are available to volunteer your valuable time, please contact the Elementary Office at (419) 692-8561. Thank you.

Scoliosis Screening
Attached below is a Permission Request to conduct a non-invasive Scoliosis Screening of all students in Junior High. Please read through the letter below and if you have any questions please contact Nurse Jean Gemmer at (419) 692-5371 Ext 1156. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize this issue at the very early stages so a treatment plan and help can be administrated to help correct the problem.

Good luck to all the St. John Students, that are competing this weekend in one way or another, bring home a win, as we are, Blue Jays.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Go Jays and God Bless,

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