March 6th Newsletter

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

This week marks the beginning of March and what I hope was our last winter cancellation of the school year. This week’s newsletter contains a lot of information so I will let you begin reading as soon as possible

Congratulations to the Girls Basketball Team on a great season. You are wonderful representatives of St. John’s.

Good luck to the Boys Basketball Team and the District Wrestlers this weekend. No matter the outcome you all have made the St. John’s Family Very Proud.

A few of the things that are happening here in the future are outlined in the newsletter below. Including, OGT Testing Schedule, Band Plant Sale, Lunch Account Reminder, Senior Class Chicken/Pork Chop Dinner Sale, 8th Grade Math Class Adjustment, Visitation Sunday, Jostens Announcement, Mulch Sale, Total School, College Credit Plus Information, and Science Fundraising Appeal. If any of these interest you, and I hope they do, please keep reading for more information.

Weekly Calendar
Please refer to for the most up-to-date information about the happenings taking place in the Junior High and High School.

For Athletic Information please follow this link

Heartbeat of Lima Donation
We wanted to let you know we raised $419.63 for Heartbeat of Lima, through our Bake Sale and Penance Service Donations!! Thanks to all of you and your students for being so generous!!!

OGT Testing Schedule – March 16th through the 20th
The week of March 16th through the 20th, we will be utilizing a two-hour delay schedule to accommodate the Sophomores who will be taking the OGT. Juniors and Seniors that have no tests to make-up are free to take advantage of the two-hour delay, as a small reward for passing all of their required tests.

Sophomores will be expected to report to school as if it is a normal day, where each morning they will complete one of the five OGT Testing sections (Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies)

Freshman will also be expected to report to school as if it is a normal day, where they will complete a practice ACT Exam on Monday and Tuesday, two practice PARCC Exams on Wednesday and Thursday (just in case this becomes a requirement), and an Interest Inventory Exam on Friday.

Junior High Students will also be expected to report to school as if it is a normal day, where they complete two practice PARCC Exams (just in case this becomes a requirement), and complete their Spring MAP Testing. The 8th graders, on Friday, will report to school by 8:00 AM to participate in their Confirmation Retreat. They are free to wear Jeans and a St. John’s shirt or sweatshirt. 7th They will complete their MAP Testing the following week.

Band Plant Sale
Started Monday March 2nd. This is the bands biggest and best fundraiser of the year, so please support the band and buy those plants! Warmer weather IS coming! Sale ends March 31st. If you have any questions or to place your order, contact any band member or Sue Vonderwell at 419-236-5400. Thank You!!

Lunch Account Reminder
Just a friendly reminder to please keep your student’s lunch account up-to-date. We have been seeing several students in the negative this week. Per our policy, each student has two (2) days to get their account into the positive before they are served peanut butter/jelly sandwich and milk. They are notified each day after their account falls below $10.00. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Science Equipment Fundraising
As you may or may not know, we are beginning an Appeal to raise monies to purchase new Science Equipment for our students to participate in more Lab Activities. Currently our 7 through 12 Grade Science Department has very little and outdated equipment they can use to connect the in-class learning to lab activities, in order to make Science come alive.

We are asking all Blue Jays, young and old, to consider making a donation, in any amount, as every little bit will help. Donations can be made by check to Delphos St. Johns and mailed to 515 East Second Street or through our Go Fund Me website with the address below.

Again, your help is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Senior Class Chicken/Pork Chop Dinner Sale
The Senior Class is currently selling pre-sale tickets for Chicken/Pork Dinners to be held on Thursday, March 26th. Dinners are $8.00 each and will be available for pick up from 4:00-6:30 PM at the All Saints building. Proceeds will be used toward the Senior Class Trip to New York. Tickets may be purchased from any senior or by contacting the Junior High/High School Office at (419) 692-5371.

Mulch Sale
The Junior Class is selling mulch to help fund their post prom. Triple Cut/Premium Black Hardwood and Double Cut Red Cypress Mulches are $5.50 per bag. One bag covers two cubic feet. Mulch is available for pick up at St. John’s on Saturday, May 2nd, from 8:00 to 11:00 AM, or delivery is free with the purchase of 10 bags or more, within a ten mile radius of school. Orders must be received by April 2nd. Please contact any St. John’s Junior or call Laura Pohlman at (419) 695-5077 or Joy Hays at (567) 204-2243.

8th Grade Math Class Adjustment
To better prepare our students for college, their future, and to help our students meet the requirements set upon them by the State of Ohio, next year, 8th graders will take Algebra 1 or Algebra 1A. Both of these courses will be for high school credit. Students will be advised on which math course to take based off their current math performance, Algebra Readiness Test (given in math class), and MAP test results. A letter will be sent home recommending the placement for your son or daughter. Parents will need to sign and return this letter. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Visitation Sunday
As a reminder, if you have not already turned in your envelops, Visitation Sunday is this weekend.  Please feel free to mail them in or drop them in the offertory at Mass this weekend.  If you are not available or in town this weekend, your envelope can still be mailed or dropped at the Ministry Center next week.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated in helping our Parish and School continue our missions each and everyday.  God Bless each and every one of you.

Jostens Announcement
Class Rings – On March 12th at 7:30 AM, Jostens will be here to repair/clean any class rings. If you would still like to order a class ring, please bring a $50.00 deposit, packets are available in the office.

Graduation Supplies – On March 12th at 7:30 AM Jostens will be delivering your Senior’s Graduation Supplies they purchased through Jostens. All orders must be paid in full and NO CHECKS will be accepted. Cash or Money Orders Only. Extra announcements will be available on a first come first serve basis for $1.50 each.

Jostens will be visiting Vantage and Apollo to do the same at a date to be determined. Vantage and Apollo students will not have to report to St. John’s to pick up their items, Jostens will come to them. Dates for this will be passed along to your student through each school’s Student Services Department.

College Credit Plus
Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, the Ohio Department of Education will begin the College Credit Plus (CCP) program for all students enrolled in Ohio Public Schools. It is optional for Private Schools to participate, however we want to ensure we can provide this opportunity for our students here at St. John’s. College Credit Plus has two fundamental positions:

• Students must be enrolled in both college and high school
• Students can earn transcripted college and high school credit upon successful completion of the course they are taking, from the post-secondary institution

College Credit Plus will be replacing Post-Secondary Education Options and the Dual Enrollment Program for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond.

Eligible students may need a qualifying college entrance exam score that place them in courses ABOVE a remediation level to participate. For example, students interested in attending Rhodes State must test into College Algebra or higher. Any math lower than College Algebra would indicate the student is not “college ready” and that student would be ineligible to participate in CCP until the appropriate scores were obtained. This goes not only for Math, but also any other subject area.

At this time we are currently offering four (4) Rhodes State Courses, here in the High School each day, which students can take that will be transcripted and/or eligible for transfer to another state college or university. (Each Private School Will Have Their Own Policy and We Cannot Guarantee the Credit(s) from Rhodes will Transfer) At this time if students would like to pursue College Course work through Rhodes State, the best option we can provide is through an On-Line Course(s). If a student would attend the physical campus, their schedule would be adjusted in a way that might cause them to miss other class time and affect the credits they could earn as a requirement for graduation.

For more information on College Credit Plus you can check out the website at and then click on College Credit Plus Guidance Document. Please remember that these guidelines are established for Public Schools not Non-Public/Private.

If you have any other questions please let us know, as this is something we are continually trying to learn and discover, to benefit our parents and students. We will do all we can to help provide as many opportunities for your student(s) as possible and give them every opportunity to enjoy their High School education, while trying to earn college credit.

Total School
Do you know about the Lenten Practices? These questions are the focus of our Total School effort for March and April. Over the next two months Total School will examine some of the everyday questions in our lives, and give us the tools necessary to help begin the understanding of the Lenten Practices. I encourage you to join us as we participate in this event at Mass over the next two months. For further information please visit the following link

Good luck to all the St. John Students, that are competing this weekend in one way or another, bring home a win, as we are, Blue Jays.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Go Jays and God Bless,

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