August 21st Newsletter

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s):

With us being only 10 days away from the start of school, the building is beginning to see life with the students completing the registration process, gathering their books, finding their lockers, and seeing and catching up with friends.  Registration was a great success, but we still look forward to seeing the students that were unable to make it at their scheduled time.  If your son or daughter could not make their registration time please contact the office to set-up a time they could turn in any necessary paperwork, pick-up their planner and books, and pay any necessary fees.

A special congratulations to Sophomore Troy Elwer, who won Grand Champion Barrow at the Ohio State fair.  In case you did not know, which I did not, a barrow is a castrated male hog.  This is an amazing accomplishment that takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work.  Congratulations to Troy and his family.  Also a special congratulations to our Alumni Kylie Fritz, who took home a win in the Crossbreed Division.  Each of these students (current and former) are great examples of the drive and determination our students have to be successful in anything they work to achieve.

Below is a little information about College Credit Plus, Google Security as we make the move to students having email addresses, St. Vincent de Paul Donation, and the Football Bonfire.

College Credit Plus

We have spoken with Rhodes State (our current and only College Credit Plus provider) and at this time we have better outlined how our students can benefit from and what they will need to do in order to participate in the College Credit Plus system this year.  We will be personally contacting each family, to let them know what it is they will need to do if they are still in interested in participating, as each student may have a different or varying requirement they must meet, according to Rhodes State.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mr. Unterbrink we would be happy to help.

Google Email and Drive Security

As we begin the move to providing email addresses to students and gathering information through our Google Drive, questions regarding the security of these systems begins to raise.  Much like anything that is communicated over the Internet, there is no 100% guarantee that all information communicated will be safe, but Google attempts in every way to secure our information and protect our privacy.  While at the same time Jeff Bockey (Technology Coordinator) continually monitors our systems to ensure no unwanted or unwelcome visitors or viruses attack our network.  This responsibility will also be shared with the students and parents, ensuring they are using strong passwords, checking your accounts for unusual activity, and following the steps in the links provided to help assure a safe digital experience for the students, parents, and the school.

St. Vincent De Paul Society Donation

Start the school year off with a clean slate!  It is a new school year, new beginnings!  What a better way to start off the school year than to help those less fortunate.  The High School Liturgy Team is asking for donations of cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.  All of the donations will go to our local St. Vincent De Paul Society.  Donation baskets will be available throughout the first week of school in the Junior High/High School Office.  Thank you in advance for your donation.

2015 DSJ Football Bonfire

Show your support for our Blue Jay Football Team at the 2015 Football Bonfire.  The bonfire will take place August 26th at 8 p.m. in the field across the driveway from Eric and Gina Fritz, at 23510 State Route 697.  All are welcome to attend.

Yearbook Pick-Up

The 2014-2015 Yearbook is in!  They will be available in the office during normal office hours.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Good luck to all the St. John Students, that are competing this weekend in one way or another, bring home a win, as we are, Blue Jays.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Go Jays and God Bless,


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