October 30th Newsletter

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s) and Students:

This week has been hectic, but another great week to celebrate St. John’s faith, pride, and spirit.  This week we recognized and congratulated our Fall Senior Athletes and Band Members, Mission Society held a Costume Day with an Assembly that raised over $1,000 to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and we also celebrated Mass as an entire school, grades K to 12.  There are not many schools that can say they accomplished all of these things in a year let alone a week.  It is something to take great pride in knowing that the things we do accomplish so much, making every day a great day to be a Blue Jay!!

Below is a little information about the Second Street Crosswalk, Youth Group, End of the First Quarter/Parent-Teacher Conferences, Parish Mission, Scholarship Opportunity, Spirit Wear Sale, Winter Sports Meeting, and Job Opening.

Weekly Calendar
Please refer to http://delphosstjohns.org/hs-calendar/ for the most up-to-date information about the happenings taking place in the Junior High and High School.

For Athletic Information please follow this link http://delphosstjohns.org/sports-calendar/

Reminder – There will be a 1:30 Dismissal on November 4th, for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Second Street Entrance Crosswalk

At this time, we are asking all students and parents not to use the Second Street Crosswalk across from Hickey-Morris Insurance, to begin to use the Crosswalks to the East End Entrance of the Junior High/High School or at the corner of Second and Pierce Streets, if crossing Second Street.  (from the second street doors of the Junior High/High School to the alley) Due to the inability to monitor this Crosswalk before and after school we would like to ensure the safety of our students by having them use a Crosswalk that is visibly marked with a light and a monitor available.

If you are picking your student up on the school side of the street, at this Crosswalk, please continue to do so.  This change is for those that use the Crosswalk to cross the street.  Should you have any questions please let us know.  Thank you for your understanding as we look to secure the safety of your son or daughter.

Youth Group

Delphos St. John’s and Landeck St. John’s have come together to form a Youth Group.  The group is for any parishioner in grades 7 – 12.  We will meet the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  We will be alternating our meeting location between St. John’s Delphos and St. John’s Landeck.  There will be times we will meet at other locations.  Please make sure you check the weekly calendars and special announcements as to the location of the gathering.  Attached you will find a picture from our last group meeting.  We got together at Landeck to carve and decorate pumpkins.  We then took a hayride and delivered the pumpkins to some of the homes in Landeck.  Hope to see you at our next Youth Group gathering!

 Youth Group October 2015.jpg

End of the First Quarter and Parent Teacher Conferences
The First Quarter has come to an end, hard to believe, but the year is a quarter over already.  This means First Quarter Grade Cards and an Invitation to Parent-Teacher Conferences will be mailed home the week of November 2nd.

Attached below is that letter.  If you have any questions please let me know.

St. John the Evangelist Parish Mission


Brought to you from his book, Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission, this parish mission will feature Catholic author and speaker, Dr. John R. Wood joined by special musical guests, Rachel Ann & Cassandra! You may be asking: “What is this parish mission all about and why should I be there?” Simply put, this parish mission will be an inspiring yet practical experience of dynamic teaching and application of the genius of Catholicism to every aspect of your life: prayer & spirituality, work, dating & marriage, personal finances, health & well-being, parenting, and more! Powerful for parishioners. Engaging for those searching for a faith home. Captivating for young people. Come! Be energized! Invite someone!

November 1-4, 2015, 7:00 p.m., St. John the Evangelist Church – Delphos, OH

We will be offering childcare for the evening talks at the Little Theater inside of St. John the Evangelist Elementary School, so please enter through the doors closest to Pierce Street. In addition, if you cannot join us for the evening talks, Dr. Wood will be doing recaps of his talk the following morning at the conclusion of daily Mass (approximately 9:00 a.m.)

Scholarship Opportunity
The Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund is available to private school families from grades K to 8.  Attached below is an information sheet and application that could qualify you for up top 75% of your tuition or a maximum of $1,500.

The best part is, that if one child in your family is award a scholarship, additional children in your family may be entitled to scholarship assistance as well.

Please take a look to see if you qualify, it never hurts to try.

Spirit Wear Order

Believe it or not, the Holidays are just around the corner! Start your holiday shopping now by purchasing some DSJ spirit wear!  The Delphos St. John’s Spirit Wear Apparel Sale is going on now through Nov. 16.  This year you have the option to order directly online by clicking the following link and using the store code: 824453 http://www.promoplace.com/tlgraphics/online_stores.htm.

If you have special instructions for your order just use the comment box to explain.  We also have order forms and shirt samples available in the High School Office and attached below.  Go Jays!!

Winter Sports Meeting

The Winter Sports OHSAA meeting for all parents and athletes in grades 7-12 will be Tuesday, Nov. 3rd at 8:30 pm in the Robert A. Gym.  All athletes and parents must attend for any athletes to be eligible for their winter sport.

The Parish Mission that evening will last until about 8:30, so please stop at the meeting when you are finished attending the Mission.
Weekly Trash Talk From Our 7th Grade Lego Group
Every year, 140 million cell phones end up in landfills.   Cell phones and their accessories contain a large number of hazardous substances.  These toxins linger in the environment for a long time and have adverse effects on human health.  We can help protect our environment with proper recycling.

Some old phones aren’t thrown away but forgotten in drawers.  By reusing, we help reduce the demand for Coltan, an ore used in phones.  Coltan is mined primarily in the Congo where endangered species habitats are being destroyed.

Recycling Challenge
We want your old cell phones on November 4th!  Every house probably has a broken or outdated cell phone laying around.  These cell phones contain a large number of hazardous substances.  If thrown away, these substances end up in our landfills and in our environment.  Our 7th grade Lego group would like every house to bring in an old handheld device on Wednesday, November 4th, so they can be recycled properly.  We will accept Cell phones, Smartphones, accessories, iPods, iPads, WI-FI cards, circuit boards, laptops, digital cameras, Gameboys, GPS, rechargeable batteries, MP3, and earbuds.  So search your house and clean out your drawers and help clean up the environment.  If 200 devices are collected, the Junior High and High School will be awarded a jean day.

Sunny Delight Labels

Sunny Delight runs a promotion every year called the SunnyD Book Spree.  This promotion allows K-7 grade teachers to mail in 20 UPC labels from SunnyD and Fruit2o products and receive 20 free books.  This is our second year participating.  Last year each teacher received a box of books so our school received about 360 free books.  If you can save the UPC labels and turn them into the office, we hope to continue to be able to provide free books for our students and teachers.

Cafeteria Manager Opening
Delphos St. John’s Elementary and High School is searching for a qualified Cafeteria Manager to begin working this December.  The Qualified Candidate is to have at minimum a High School Diploma and preferred managerial experience.  He or She will be responsible for supervising and evaluating the Cafeteria Staff and managing the day to day operation of the school cafeteria.  The position is a full-time 10-month position averaging 35-40 hours per week. Please send a Letter of Interest and Resume by November 19 to the St. John’s Ministry Center, Attention Mr. Ted Hanf, at 201 N. Pierce St., Delphos, Oh 45833, or hanf@delphosstjohns.org.

Good luck to all the St. John Students, that are competing this weekend in one way or another, bring home a win, as we are, Blue Jays.

Go Jays and God Bless,


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