April 18th Newsletter

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s) and Students:
Good Afternoon and Happy Easter.
We hope that everyone had a relaxing and blessed Holy Week/Easter celebration.  That you had time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones.  As we look ahead to the calendar, the school year is quickly coming to an end, if you have any questions, about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
We would like to thank Mrs. Harris and all of the student helpers for their work today to help make our Blood Drive successful.  All of their help, coupled with the generous donations from our donors saved countless lives and helped to earn a St. John’s Senior a scholarship of $250.00.
St. John’s will present “Seussical the Musical” on Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th in the RA Gymnasium.  Tickets are on sale in the office.  There are general admission and reserved seating for both shows.  Come see all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters come to life in this fun-filled musical based on his most famous stories.
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Elwer, Mrs. Haehn, and the parent chaperones for their time and dedication in making the Mission Society Trip to Appalachia such a success.  After speaking with Mrs. Elwer and Mrs. Haehn, they could not stop talking about how great our students were and the praise they received from those the students were helping.  We would just like to extend a thank you to the students that participated, Jessica Geise, Ally Gerberick, Ryan Dickman, Lucas Hoffman, Carleigh Ankerman, Brooke Richardson, Courtney Wrasman,  Troy Elwer, Cole Reindel, Connor Hulihan, Hannah Benavidez, Ellie Csukker, and Mykenah Jackson.
Congratulations to our student lead group comprised of our Allen County Youth Leadership Members, Casey Sanders, Haley Rode, and Adam Schneer, otherwise known as “The Nest.”  They completed a change war fundraiser/movie reward to help spread the word about their organization and raise some funds to help make their goal a reality.  This fundraiser was extremely successful as they raised over $800.00.  The goal of this group will be to provide support to those who have been a victim of bullying or negative actions from other students.  A place where students can go, outside of school, to share their stories and coping techniques.  This is a great way to help students that struggle with these issues.
A few of the items below include the Weekly Calendar and Schedule Reminders, State Testing, Prom Guidelines, Bingo Help, YMCA Swim Team, Yearbook Orders, Ed-Choice Program, and the Northwest Ohio Scholarship.
Weekly Calendar
Please refer to http://www.delphosstjohns.org/JuniorHighHighSchoolCalendar.aspx for the most up-to-date information about the happenings taking place in the Junior High and High School.
For Athletic Information please follow this link http://www.delphosstjohns.org/AthleticCalendar.aspx
For Lunch please follow this link http://www.delphosstjohns.org/LunchMenu.aspx
April 19, Juniors Taking the ACT and Organ Donation Presentation for the Seniors and Freshman
April 21, Seniors Taking CPR and Academic Luncheon
April 24, Two-Hour Delay for Staff In-Service
April 25, Biology End of Course Exam
April 26, American History End of Course Exam
April 28, Seniors Leaving for Class Trip to New York City and 7th Grade Retreat to Toledo
April 26 to 28, School Musical
April 28, 7th Grade Retreat to Toledo
April 29, Benefit Auction
May 2, AP Physics Exam
May 3, AP English Literature Exam – 7th Grade Leadership Conference in Toledo
May 4, Algebra I End of Course Exam
May 5, American Government End of Course Exam – Dr. Scherger Presentation for the Juniors and Seniors
State Testing
State Testing began this week, with our Sophomores and Freshman taking their End of Course Exams in English.  This testing will continue after Easter, where students currently enrolled in Biology, American History and Government, Algebra, and Geometry will complete their State mandated requirement for graduation.
We will be running a two-hour delay schedule during all the tests, but English.
Therefore, any students that do not have to take an exam will need to report on a two-hour delay schedule, on these days.  If students require transportation to school before this time, teachers will be here to help supervise those students that may need to ride the bus and come to school at the regular time, who are not taking the test.  Only students who need to take an exam on the assigned day will need to report at regular time.
If you have any questions please let us know.
Bingo Help Needed
There is a great opportunity available to you to help your child pay for their senior class trip and/or the trip to Washington for the March for Life.  Not only would you earn money for your child’s trip(s), you would also help keep a very vital program going strong.  Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, we are in need of help in the bingo concessions.  These concessions are a very big part of the bingo program itself.  If we do not have concessions, our attendance at bingo will suffer and so will the income we make from this program.  We cannot afford to lose 10’s of thousands of dollars a year because we did not have the people to work the concessions.
Each night pays out a total of $50.00 that would be applied to your child’s trip.  If 2 students work, it can be divided between them.  It takes 4 people, and at least 1 adult to run the concessions.  Your work starts at 4:30 PM and you are done by 9:00 PM.  You get the food ready, sell it and clean up when finished.
Please call Jo or Ted at the Ministry Center, 419-695-4050, for more details.
Yearbook Sales
The deadline for purchasing a 2016-2017 yearbook is approaching.  The final opportunity to guarantee a yearbook is May 19th.  The final cost is $65.00.  Any extra books will be available on a first come, first sold basis.  Your son or daughter’s selfie won’t be around in 30 years, but their yearbook will!  Order today!
Prom Guidelines
Attached below are the Guidelines that we will be instituting for this year’s Prom, hosted at St. John’s High School.  These guidelines must be looked over and followed to help support our position of creating an atmosphere that lives up to the Catholic Values and Beliefs we try to instill in our students on a daily basis.  If you have any questions regarding the Policy, please let me know.
Reminder – All Dresses must be submitted for approval, to gain access to Prom.  Please refer to the guidelines on how to complete this process.  Must be submitted by May 1st. 
It can feel good to be looked at, but remember do they really see the true you.  Indressing modest young women can be known for who they are and not what they wear.
dressing modest young women can be known for who they are and not what they wear.
Humility is the sentiment and modesty is how we live our lives so that God can bless us.
EdChoice Expansion Scholarship News for 2017-18
The application window to apply for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year is now open for new and renewal applications, and remain open until April 28.  The applications are available for you to begin filling out, and attached below.  You can go to the following link to read more information about the poverty guidelines and eligibility requirements for the EdChoice Income based Scholarship:
The EdChoice Expansion is available to students going into Grades K-4 in 2017-18 and have a household income that falls below 200% of the poverty line.  For example, a family of five would need to be below $57,650 to qualify.
Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund
Even though we are only halfway through this school year, it is never too early to begin thinking a little about the 2017-18 school year.  Please follow the link below for information about a scholarship opportunity your children may be eligible for through the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund.
It never hurts to try.
YMCA Summer Swim Team
Attached below is information regarding the YMCA Summer Swim Team.
Have a great week.
Go Jays and God Bless,

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